About the Journal

Journal of Islamic Economic Insights (JIEI) is an open-access, biannual peer-reviewed international journal published by PRIVIETLAB. It aims to serve as a primary platform for scholars, researchers, and practitioners to disseminate their findings and theoretical developments in the fields of Islamic economics and finance. JIEI seeks to enrich the understanding and application of Islamic economic principles and their implications for global economic systems and policy. The journal is dedicated to promoting high-quality research that explores the intricate dynamics of economic activities within an Islamic framework, offering insights into how Islamic principles can inform contemporary economic and financial practices. Published twice a year, JIEI welcomes contributions that address the broad spectrum of Islamic economic thought, including but not limited to, Islamic finance and banking, Zakat and Waqf studies, Halal industry economics, and the economic impact of Shari'ah-compliant practices on global markets.

As part of PRIVIETLAB, a prestigious publisher of open access journals and books, JIEI benefits from a wide-reaching platform designed to make cutting-edge scientific research accessible to a global audience. PRIVIETLAB prides itself on fostering close collaborations with the global scientific community, ensuring that our publishing activities resonate with the needs and advancements of researchers worldwide. Our portfolio spans journals, books, and conference proceedings across a multitude of disciplines such as Economics, Business, Finance, Management, Accounting, E-Business, and more. Moreover, PRIVIETLAB extends its publishing services to various scientific organizations, catering to their specific requirements and those of their members.

With a global impact, PRIVIETLAB supports researchers, librarians, and societies in their academic and professional pursuits. As an international hub for distinguished scholars and industry professionals, PRIVIETLAB is committed to facilitating discussions on recent developments in Business, Science, and Technology. Through organizing international conferences, symposia, and workshops, as well as offering sponsorship or technical support for independently organized events, PRIVIETLAB underscores its dedication to advancing the frontiers of knowledge in various domains, including the burgeoning field of Islamic Economics.