Author Guidelines

The Journal of Islamic Economic Insights (JIEI) welcomes original, unpublished studies related to Islamic economics, finance, and business practices from a variety of theoretical, empirical, and critical perspectives. Each submission must adhere to the journal's format to be considered for publication.

Submission Process:

  • Initial Assessment: All submissions are initially assessed by the editor for suitability within the journal. Papers deemed suitable are then sent to a minimum of two independent expert reviewers to assess the scientific quality of the paper.
  • Review Time: Reviewers are asked to complete their reviews within 30 days.
  • Editorial Decision: The Editor is responsible for the final decision regarding the acceptance or rejection of articles, and this decision is final.

Guidelines for Submission:

  • Online Submission: All papers must be submitted via the journal's online submission system.
  • Manuscript Format: Authors should closely follow the journal's prescribed format.
  • Communication: All correspondence should be directed to the editor.
  • Fees: There is no submission fee and publication fee.

Manuscript Preparation Instructions:

  1. Originality: Manuscripts must be original work not submitted or considered elsewhere. Authors are obligated to not submit their paper for publication elsewhere until an editorial decision is made.

  2. Formatting: Prepare the manuscript in 11 pt type with 1 inch margins, single-spaced.

  3. Title Page: Include the manuscript title, an abstract (no more than 200 words), 2-6 keywords, and 2-4 JEL Classification codes. Also list authors' names, affiliations, and email addresses, identifying the corresponding author.

  4. Footnotes: Place footnotes at the bottom of the page where referenced.

  5. Tables and Figures: Use Roman numerals for numbering, place in the text where appropriate, single space tables, and use 10 pt font size. Include a title and descriptive legend for each.

  6. Equations: Number consecutively on the right margin. Submit equations as editable text, not images.

  7. References: Follow APA style, single-spaced in 11 pt font. Ensure all references are cited in the text and vice versa.

  8. Citations in Text: Use appropriate formatting for single author, two authors, and three or more authors. Citations can be made directly or parenthetically.

  9. Authorship: Finalize the list and order of authors before submission. Any changes to authorship must be approved by the journal Editor and made before acceptance.

  10. Language: Manuscripts must be in scientific English. Consider using an English Language Editing Service if needed.

Essential Elements: Manuscripts should include Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, and Conclusions. Papers not following these guidelines may be returned to the authors.

Following these guidelines ensures a smooth submission process and helps maintain the high quality of research published in the Journal of Islamic Economic Insights.